We have a product basket of more than 35 APIs with DMFs & other regulatory filings and over 30 molecules in the pipeline.

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APIs Under Development (Lab Scale)
Product NameCategory NameCAS NO
Apixaban Anti-coagulant 503612-47-3
Apremilast Anti-arthritic/Anti-psoriasis 608141-41-9
Desvenlafaxine Succinate Monohydrate Anti-depressant 386750-22-7
Empagliflozin Anti-diabetic 864070-44-0
Ivabradine Anti-anginal Anti-anginal
Ivacaftor Cystic Fibrosis 873054-44-5
Regadenoson Monohydrate Cardiovascular 875148-45-1
Sugammadex Sodium General Anaesthesia 343306-79-6
Ticagrelor Anti-coagulant 274693-27-5
Trientine Dihydrochloride Chelating Compound 112-24-3
Varenicline Tartrate Nicotinic Antagonist 249296-44-4
Vigabatrin Anti-Convulsant 60643-86-9
Vortioxetine Hydrobromide Anti-depressant 508233-74-7
CEP ApprovedCEP Approved
CEP AppliedCEP Applied